Oh Darwin ! My Darwin!

A century ago when modern world was heading toward rapid advancement and seeing rays of immense technological and scientific success through small cracks of hope, Mr. Darwin gave a theory that connected all of the human species that ever existed on Earth. It was named the theory of Evolution.

Mr. Darwin navigated the entire globe and looked at every corner of the Earth and gave us the line that is the base of our existence, the Dogma that ‘ONLY THE FITTEST SURVIVE, THE WEAK PERISHES’6231-carls-darvin-580x326

The word ‘PERISHES’ held a very narrow meaning for Mr. Darwin and the world then , but in today’s world it has a much larger meaning and a utterly significant one.

Darwin simply meant that the strong survives and the weak ones die. But the question is …is it really so?Does the weak really die or do they simply slip through the cracks and accumulate at the bottom while the stronger dominates?

The word ‘STRONG’ itself is a contradiction in Mr. Darwin’s statement. Does it indicate brawn or brain or both combined? Today’s world which has more intellectual value than a physical one indicates that the latter of brawn and brain is more significant.

AND, coming back to where do the weak go??…Die, perish or what? Well in today’s world they do not die but are left behind lingering in the corners and holding a discontent for the stronger ones.  They desire to reach where the stronger ones are , to be the stronger one.3962471_orig

But that is life isn’t it ? A constant race between the weak and the strong, a constant struggle for existence. In every walk of  life , every path we cross we see this struggle.

So, is there any chance that the weak will survive and the stronger perishes..well we’ll never know .The struggle will go on until the weak won’t give up and keep fighting. I read somewhere “To be born poor is no sin , but to die one is.” And that’s damn true.

So was Mr. Darwin statement just a overview, a trailer to the depth and trenches of this issue? Was he really that big a genius ?..Again We’ll never know

We will never know where we belong. We will have no idea on which side of the story do we fit in. It’s only when the struggle ends and we stop, only then and there we’ll know in our ending moments when our life is flashing before us, we’ll realize. And then we’ll realize whether we really achieved the greater perhaps or were we just in a illusion.


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