The Happy Days


1.Bran kept his head down as he boarded the school bus. He walked straight to the back seat next to Robin. Naturally, he was a restless kid, always distracted. But today, a feeling of dread resided his face as he clung to that thought. He wasn’t good at remembering things. His teacher made sure his mother knew that. No matter how hard he tried he would just forget it after a while.

Bran sat quietly until his gaze fell upon the marbles that Robin was playing with. He had his own collection but Robin always seemed to have the best ones. He wanted to win them. Bran slid across the bus seat near Robin and started trading, the thought he clung to started to fade.

The bus came to a halt and by then Bran had won 5 of Robin’s best marbles. He was delighted and eager to show them to his mother. He got down and started to think about all the things he would do today completely forgetting what he needed to remember. He had craft today, his teacher had told, followed by Maths and English. His school would end at noon and then he would head home. He would go home and see his mother watering the lilies and the roses. He would go running to his mother and she would pick him up in her arms and give him a kiss on the cheeks. She would prepare pancakes on weekdays and pies on weekends and he was happy because today was Saturday. His mother would then help him with his homework and his mother would tell him stories in the night. They would go to the park in the evening and play. They would eat popsicles and laugh. That was the part of the day he enjoyed the most.

Bran loved to see his mother smile, always. She was a meticulous woman. She always made sure the home was tidy. She had worked hard on her home, she loved it. She would always keep the windows open which would make the curtains flutter because of the cool breeze.

2.School ended and Bran rushed to the bus he sat their thinking of the expression on his mother’s face when he would show him the marbles he had won. The bus dropped him on his street. He started jogging, juggling the marbles in his hand. He reached home and the jog died. He stood there and he remembered. His heart sank, his eyes swelled up. He didn’t see the curtains flutter and his mother in the garden, instead the windows and doors were shut residing dust on their surfaces as if they had not been opened for days. The lilies and the roses had wilted. Dead due to lack of water in their roots. Bran remembered why they wouldn’t go to the park today and why he wouldn’t show the marbles to his mother. He remembered he had been living with his aunt now and his mother had been dead for 2 weeks. Dead due to the lack of life in her veins. The tears turned into sobs as he head the other way.marbles


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