He sat on the couch in front of the T.V watching the pre-match presentation. That never really interested him, repeating the same strategies over and over again in a loop in different ways. Yet, he sat there waiting for Ronald. Ron had called him to calm him down for the big night with Jane. They were to go for their first date today. Ron was so excited that he couldn’t decide what he wanted to wear. Every once in a while he would pop out of the room and ask him “Hey Peter, how does this look?” “Fine” Peter would say irritated after a while. Peter was never really the one for dates and love, he was shy, antisocial and most of all alone, but he couldn’t tell no to Ron when he had asked.

Ron finally settled for a checked T-shirt and Denims. “This would impress her I guess” Ron said as they walked down the steps of Ron house. “You bet” Peter replied. Of money and looks Ron had no dearth the only thing missing from his life was love and that too ended when Jane came.

Jane had come to their high school a year ago and Cupid hit Ron at about the same time. After that all Ron talked about was Jane, how her eyes were of deep blue colour, how her golden hair shone in the sun, how her skin seemed so smooth and flawless and most of all how beautiful she was. It wasn’t until half a year ago that Ron finally managed to gather the courage to talk to her. It didn’t take much time for peter to notice how the two of them started stealing glances, how they smiled without saying anything when they looked at each other, how their friendship turned into something much more than that. Peter was happy for them.

Jane seemed good enough and Ron seemed happy with her. Peter had been Ron’s only friend since second grade. Once Ron had been surrounded by a couple of bullies. Frail as he was Ron started crying just after the first blow. It was Peter who had called the teachers upon the bullies and driven them away. From that day Ron and Peter had been best of friends. It was about time Ron had someone else.

They got inside Ron’s car and started towards Jane’s house. The plan was to pick up Jane from her place and then drop Peter home.

“You sure you don’t want to come?” Ron asked

“As much as I would love to see you attempt to fuck her, no I don’t.” Ron hit him in the arm.

“Damn, Peter. You are full of filth” he said with that half grin that he always had.

“And you are a dickhead” They both laughed.

Traffic was thin this side of the city. They enjoyed a swift ride with winds lashing down at their faces. Winter was crisp in the air. The sun was setting in the distance and people walked on the footpaths. Young teenagers going to parties, Men coming back from work, beggars begging and old men strolling. A few markets marked the roads, other than that the roads were thick with tress on either side.

They finally pulled alongside a lawn. Ron pressed the horn twice. Jane appeared from the front doors a few moments later. Peter felt Ron shift in his seat. Jane looked absolutely gorgeous. She wore a sleeveless red frock with matching shoes and laces. She had blond locks of hair falling on either side with brown eyes and sharp cheekbones. She looked like a goddess if that goddess wore a red frock.

They went outside. Jane hugged Ron and then peter. She wore a pleasant perfume which smelled of lilacs. Peter could see Ron blushing already. Peter felt him blushing too.

“Isn’t it a little cold for sleeveless?” Ron asked.

“And that is how you start it. God” Peter sighed. Jane laughed.

“Don’t worry I can face a bit of cold and besides I have you” She hopped and slid her hand into Ronald.

“Yeah” was all Ron could muster.

Peter slid into the back seat as Jane sat besides Ron. They both smiled at each other. Ron with his half smile and Jane with her beautiful face.

Ron had booked a fancy restaurant for the date just outside of town. He had a lot of money and he never hesitated to spend it. Some days Ron would take him to these restaurants and pubs and they would stand in the corner and make jokes and laugh and watched as the people lived their lives.

“You look lovely today, Jane” Ron said after a while in the car. It was cold outside and empty, but not too cold to roll up the windows, so they let the windows fall with the cold gusts of night wind kissing their faces.

“Thanks for noticing Ronald. You look handsome as well” Jane always said Ron’s full name, Ronald. Ronald found it cute but Peter found it time consuming.

“Yeah, I’m not even here” Peter said. Jane looked back towards Peter and with a smile she said, “Well no Peter. I noticed you. How can I forget you, after all you are the worst wingman ever” she stroked her blonde hair backwards behind her ears. “And as far as how you look. Well you look like….Peter usually looks” Ron laughed a little, Peter cracked a grin too. “Well, I’ll take that as a compliment”

Jane had the right of it. Peter was never one for dressing. He preferred plain clothes over anything extraordinary. He could wear plain clothes everyday of his remaining life and that wouldn’t bother him.

The car turned over one of the more busy streets of the city. Many other cars sped past them bound for their destination. Ron sped up a little and the car grew colder still. They moved past slow moving taxies and trucks. The car turned once again into the only highway of the city. The road was narrow and traffic thin. I would be home quick now and then I would sleep, Peter thought. He was eager to know what would happen on the date but he was more eager to let his bed devour him and also he was hungry, he had been with Ron since morning.

They passed many slow moving vehicles when Jane said, “It’s a beautiful evening. So calm.”

“Yeah it is” Ron replied.

Peter couldn’t deny it. The evening was just the right mix of cold and humid. He watched the faintly lit horizon from the backseat of his car, admiring it, soaking it because evenings like this were few enough and they needed to be given attention.

And then it happened. Peter had been so immersed in admiring the beauty that he didn’t have enough time to see it, but he had a chance to look ahead and see the horror in the face of Ron as well. The truck hit from the side. The heavy metal scraping against the light, the tearing of metal, the tearing of flesh. We are dying was all Peter could think before the world started to spin. Round and round and round it went. Is this the way to afterlife. NO! NO! IDIOT! It’s the car. It’s the car that’s spinning. We are rolling, we are dying. Peter felt something tearing at his stomach, he didn’t feel it enough though. Am I already dead?

It was only a lifetime after which the world seemed to stop spinning and rolling. People had come rushing. They were blur figures giving out hands to pull him out. Help them. They had a date. They stole glances, they smiled at each other, she called him Ronald. THEY LOVED EACH OTHER was all Peter wanted to say but the only thing that came out was blood and gibberish words.

They pulled him up but his head hurt and he could see nothing, couldn’t breathe. The only things he could think about in those last moments were not about him but of how Ron talked of Jane all the time, how she smelled of lilacs, how they smiled at each other, how she said his name, how they loved each other. That would never happen was his last thought before he closed his eyes and woke up panting.

( IMPORTANT P.S- This is just the first part of a bigger story. If you liked it, hit like and comment below for the next. Thanks 🙂 Love.)



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